Frequently Ask Questions

How much does Beardilizer cost and where can I buy it ?

- One bottle with 90 capsules costs 34,90€ MSRP 

- A 2 bottles pack with 2x90=180 capsules costs 63,90€ MSRP, a 6,00€ discount

- A 3 bottles pack with 3x90=270 capsules costs 89,90€ MSRP, a 15,00€ discount.

You can also order Beardilizer online with our partners:

Does Beardilizer follow vegetarians & Hallal rules ?

Beardilizer does not contain any animal ingredient, therefore respecting vegetarian regimen or muslims Hallal food rules.

Can I stop the treatment at any time ?

Sure. And you can also resume the treatment as needed. Still, we strongly suggest to keep on with the treatment continuously until you reach your goals.

Does Beardilizer boost growth of body hair or eyebrows ?

​Facial hair follicles are quit different from hair, body hair or eyebrows follicles, and they respond effectively to our formula and the nutrients cocktail we provide them.

How many capsules do I need to take per day ?

We strongly suggest to start with the intensive treatment of 9 capsules per day for 10 days: 3 capsules in the morning, 3 at noon and 3 at night, always with a meal. The intensive treatment is not mandatory, but it will turbocharge the initial growth. The intensive treatment is limited to 10 days not because it is dangerous, but because after that period, the amount of nutrients delivered is too much to process for the body that will start flushing what he does not need. After 10 days, you shall continue with the standard treatment of 3 capsules per day: 1 capsule in the morning, 1 at noon and 1 at night, always with a meal: you should proceed with the standard treatment until you reach your goals. If you opt out from the intensive treatment, start immediately with the standard treatment.

Is there any side effect ? Does it contain any hormones ?

Beardilizer is 100% natural, with no side effect: its multivitamin formula only contains plants and minerals, without any trace of hormone or drug.

There is no warning regarding the consumption of our supplement, and you can safely use it all year long. As any dietary supplement that increases the amount of nutrients delivered to your metabolism, we strongly suggest to take it every time with a meal, avoiding an empty stomach.

Why do you need Beardilizer ? 

​Beardilizer is an all natural dietary supplement that boosts facial hair growth in order to achieve a fuller, stronger beard. Its formula nourishes the facial hair follicles from the inside, by delivering the right high quality nutrients, perfectly dosed to achieve the beard you've always wanted, while reducing itchy sensations, The formula will actively mimic the molecules endogenous function to activate the facial hair bulbs.

How long does the treatment last ?

​Beardilizer is not a miracle wand that will make your beard grow overnight, but a real treatment that will last several weeks, depending on your goals and genetics. It is hard to evaluate the length of a treatment, as it varies considerably from one person to another. Nevertheless, you should expect an average length of 3 to 6 months. You will start observing positive results after 4 weeks: during that period, the follicles process all the nutrients we are delivering for an optimal growth. Consistency and perseverance are of the essence to achieve your goals. Once you've reach those goals, you can stop the treatment, as you will also be able to resume as needed.


Can I shave during the treatment ?

We advise our users not to shave for the first 4 weeks in order to let the facial hair follicles feed with the nutrients Beardilizer deliver. 
After 4 weeks, you can start trimming and styling your beard.

How many bottles do I need ?

For the intensive treatment :  10 days = 1 bottle 

​For the standard treatment: 1 month = 1 bottle, 2 months = 2 bottles, etc...

Beardilizer : Does it work ?

​Since its launch in 2013 in the USA, the success rate with users that had a patchy beard is close to 95%. Among ethnic groups with a low facial hair density, such as asians, the success rate is around 55%. The US formula is identical to the European one : In order to follow UK legislations on dietary supplements, the european formula is manufactured by a french laboratory following pharmaceutical best practices and the highest standard in manufacturing guidelines.